Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions The Argentinian Junior Youth team is out for victory!

Argentinian Junior Youth

A team that emphasises the individuality of its players and offensively plays football centred on individual techniques.
The centre of the team is Juan Diaz, who is a playmaker and striker, and his play affects the quality of the entire team.


Juan Diaz

A midfielder and the captain of the Argentinian Junior Youth team.
He has techniques that he accumulated in street football and has physical abilities equivalent to a gymnast.
He is a talented player who can set up the game to score goals.


Alan Pascal

A forward for the Argentinian Junior Youth team.
Diaz and Pascal have been friends and played football together since they were five years old. He helps Diaz with the best combo plays.



A defender for the Argentinian Junior Youth team.
He contributes to the team with his powerful defence and utilises his physique, which is the best on the team, to dribble the ball.